Object of the Game:
-Collect your opponent's pieces and be the first to reach the opposite side.
-1 Game Board
-48 Game Pieces, 12 of each corresponding color.
Getting Started:
-Each player is given a different set of colored pieces.
-Place 6 of your pieces on the corresponding colored corner.
- Youngest player starts first and game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

How to Play 1 Vs. 1(Yellow vs. Blue; Green vs. Red)

-Pieces can only move one space forward (in the direction away from the point of origin).
-When a piece is directly in front of the moving piece, then the moving piece is allowed to jump over it under the following conditions:
     -Pieces of the same color can jump over each other simply for movement.
     -Pieces of a color can jump over opposing pieces to replace them with player's corresponding color.
     -Pieces of one color on the board cannot jump into a space of the same color as the piece. The multi-color hexagon in the center of the      board is a dead zone in which no one may enter
     -To win, the player must be the first to reach the opposite side with 3 of their game pieces. When the game pieces reaches the opposing players side, it is removed from play and is counted as one point.

2 vs. 2 (Yellow and Red vs. Blue and Green)

     -Movement and Goal are the same as the 1 vs 1 game.
     -The corresponding colors try to work together to have both teammates reach the other side with 3 of their pieces.
     -Teams can work as a group, allowing each other to use their pieces as movement. In other words, a yellow piece can jump over a red piece, allowing it to act as they were jumping their own piece.
     -Both teammates can only win when both players have 3 of their pieces in the opposing base.

To print out a hexagon board, click HERE.

Pieces can be bought at AC Moore and painted accordingly. Or, other pieces may be used in place of the game pieces. Replacement pieces can be bought HERE.